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GT X Luxury Commercial Motorized Treadmill

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  • AC Motor: 6.0HP
  • Speed Range: 1~25KM/H
  • Incline Range: -3~18%
  • Running Surface: 170*62CM
  • Max. Load: 200KG
  • Product Dimensions: 221*98*176CM
  • N.W: 215KG  G.W: 299KG
  • Packing: 106*104*67CM

◆6.0HP commercial low-noise AC motor.

◆Durable motor with over-current protection, short-circuit protection, and comprehensive protection functions.

◆Majestic appearance design, run track simulation design.

◆Integrated molding upper side strip; 6 – degree inverted design for ergonomic standing posture

◆Screwless front lid design, open without tools, providing a very simple and convenient maintenance experience.

◆Stacked power distribution cabinet, simple and neat wires arrangement.

◆Positive and negative slope adjustment to simulate uphill and downhill running.

◆Rear foot pad is made of highly elastic PVC shock-absorbing rubber, which improves the shock-absorbing performance.

◆Using a new layered intervention, non-bearing shock absorber system.

◆Equipped with an automatic lubrication system.

◆The ultra-long and wide running area provides strong protection for user safety.

◆Using ergonomic PU armrests, comfortable, safe, and environmentally friendly.

◆Dual safety protection modes, emergency stop, and slow stop.

◆Energy-saving function, automatic shutdown after 5 minutes of no-load operation.

◆Equipped with operation indicator lights, keep track of the working status of the treadmill.

◆Equipped with wireless charging for mobile devices.

◆The new intelligent speed control system, high-precision infrared probe detection, adjust the speed according to the user’s running area.

◆Using a multi-window 9.6-inch LED white light display.

◆Built-in 24 smart running programs; 3 custom programs.

◆Using bright acrylic panel and high-sensitivity touch buttons, convenient operation.

◆Concise operation interface, convenient control buttons, and humanized system setting management.

◆Equipped with a high-sensitivity heart rate sensor, real-time monitoring the heart rate status during exercise.

◆Equipped with high-fidelity audio and Bluetooth music input.

◆Support multiple sports APP (support IOS system and Android system).

◆Intelligent IoT treadmill makes the running process full of fun (sharing running data, interacting with friends, real-time Participate in online running competitions)

◆Through step counting statistics and real-time monitoring, it can scientifically and effectively improve the exercise effect.

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Weight 299 kg
Dimensions 221 × 98 × 176 cm