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GYMOST Treadmill

  • Brand: GYMOST
  • Product Code: gymost
  • Availability: In Stock

GYMOST Treadmill

AC motor: 5.0HP                                                                                                                    

Speed range: 1-22km/h                                                                                                                     

Computer: white 7 LED windows, dot matrix screen provide 36 pre-set programs + 3 user's programs + 1 manual, Handle pulse                                                                                                  

Body fat function, Motor incline: 0 -15%                                                                                          

Quick speed and incline button on console                                                                                       

Running surface: 150 x 58cm                                                                                                            

Thickness running belt: 2.5mm                                                                                                         

Running belt spec: 3360 x 580 x t 2.5mm                                                                                         

Running deck spec: HDF, 1410 x 680 x t 25mm                                                                                

4-pieces elastic cushions + 4pcs patented cushions system                                                              

Max user's weight: 150kgs                                                                                                                

HRC + built-in Polar receiver                                                                                                                         

MP3 input and built-in speakers                                                                                                        

USB charger and input                                                                                                                       

Pace counting function                                                                                                                      

Detective function      

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