About Us

Vip Sports & Fitness, a reliable & compatible source of Sports & Fitness Equipment’s company. Vip Sports & Fitness, from a humble beginning in 1942, my ancestors started the first business with a sports shop called OK Fitness. Then in 1955, they launched another shop named East Pakistan Sports. Later, in 1985, they again started the business as VIP Sports and Fitness. From now on, we have been doing business with a good reputation.


We help create maximum value for our clients. We are innovating according to the voice of the customers to keep you enjoying the unique fitness experience no matter if you are at home or in a fitness club. The unique design and service can support you to live a healthy lifestyle.


Our Product - Treadmill, Hack Squat Machine, Smith Machines, Functional Trainers/Cable Machines, Chest & Shoulder Machines, Leg Machines, Arm Machines, Accessories, Cross Trainer, Dumbbell, Power Bag Products, Weight Plates & Barbell Sets, Cable Attachments, Gloves and Belts Others.


Our goal is to pour in all effort to bring the best and most renowned sports and fitness goods to our customers. We host a wide array of international fitness brands.


Please feel free to communicate if you need any further information or clarification.

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